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The Takeaway Bin by Toni Mirosevich Pink Harvest by Toni Mirosevich Queer Street by Toni Mirosevich The Rooms We Make Our Own by Toni Mirosevich My Oblique Strategies by Toni Mirosevich Trio by Toni Mirosevich, Charlotte Muse, and Edward Smallfield

Pink Harvest: Tales of Happenstance

Winner of the First Series Award in Creative Nonfiction from MidList Press

Toni Mirosevich’s first collection of nonfiction explores life’s shifting, tilting moments and encounters. A chance meeting with a homeless stranger, the feel of a nickel in the palm of her hand, a conversation about politics while watching a game show—all are seemingly unremarkable events but each has the possibility of opening for us a new view, an insight, and the experience of wonder.
Through happenstance—the chance or accidental happening—we see in unrelated, unexpected events profound connections that form a net of meaning.
— MidList Press
Toni Mirosevich's personal narratives are alive in the contemporary moment. She's an urban explorer, at the ready with quick humor, brilliant insight, and the perfect, edgy observation. I love the innovative way she works. By imaginative linking, layering, counterpointing, and jig-sawing, she accomplishes the extraordinary feat--seemingly ordinary experience leaps over into unexpected new territory. Such transformations take the moment into myth.
— Frances Mayes, author of Under The Tuscan Sun
This stuff Mirosevich writes is the multitudinal facets of the DNA of a human soul…no, the DNA of all of gigantic humanity. However, reading along, I am hopelessly snagged between reverence for the humans and out of control brays of laughter, cuz Mirosevich is breathlessly wise and she’s a smartass.
— Carolyn Chute, author of Merry Men and The Bears of Egypt, Maine
When does an investigation of the moral order enchant us? When it unfolds in stories like these by Toni Mirosevich, when the world of physical work and schoolrooms and airport security is also homes to lambs and saints, white deer and hot air balloons, when the writer moored in common sense tracks down, and finds, the miraculous.
— Valerie Trueblood, author of Seven Loves